We hold classes at more than 40 childcare centers, schools and recreation departments in 7 counties in New Jersey.

Yes. If you are seriously considering any of our enrichments programs, with the “house account” option we are glad to host a demo class on-site at your school. This way, you can be confident that our classes by our trained instructors meet all your expectations.

It’s a fact that participation in structured movement classes increases compliance and fosters healthy habits in young children. We know that parents take our dedicated instructors seriously and children have a unique respect for the “Special Guest”. Simply put, our instructors’ only job is to plan and teach Dance, Sports and Yoga classes. This leaves your staff free to focus on their all-encompassing educational goals.

No. Kids in Motion has been teaching in small spaces for years. Every school has a different floor plan.

A classroom with a clear area of 8” x 10” is all that is required. Our instructors will move chairs and tables to suit the needs of the class.

It depends. Many of our schools choose the “parent paid” option. Others choose our per class or “house account” option. There are benefits to each option, see below.

In many markets, double income parents appreciate the convenience and low cost of in-school enrichments programs. It leaves weekends free to spend quality time at home. Also, classes are taken alongside friends in a familiar and safe environment. Countless childcare centers choose the “parent paid” option as evidenced by the high demand from parents.

Choosing this option allows ALL the children in a group or grade level to participate in the Kids in Motion class.
Your school will pay a flat rate, per class. Your school can rise above the competition because there is a perceived value to all current and potential clientele. as your school offers Dance, Sports and Yoga classes which is included in monthly tuition. Further, some schools opt to charge a monthly actively fee to help offset the cost or even profit on the Kids in Motion classes, adding to your bottom line.

We hold classes at preschools, grade schools and recreation centers. If your child’s school doesn’t have our programs, we recommend that you ask the director or simply send us an email.

Yes. Birthday parties are customized for each child, and no 2 are exactly the same. Our instructors lead the party with a unique display of magnificent dance choreography, obstacle courses and games. We consider your child’s favorite music, activities and props when planning the special day.

Most of the time, we host free demo classes, which enables each child to try before you buy. The experience has most children running home asking to be signed up for our classes!

No. Unfortunately, we cannot refund or offer a make-up class for 1 child. In cases of inclement weather, we sometimes have the option of holding a make-up class for all children.