Are you looking for a FUN way to earn your training hours and CEUs?

All workshops include a demonstration portion, in which your staff will participate in the activity as if they are young children. Teachers and staff earn state – required CEU Training Hours in each of the four workshops led by our Kids in Motion founder, Maria Perfetto Costanza.

The first of the training workshops is entitled “How to Design Safe and Effective Dance, Sports and Yoga Classes for Young Children 101”. This training provides a solid foundation and is strongly recommended as a prerequiste to the other 3 workshops.

Content of our training is based on the continual field research done by the Kids in Motion team since 2010 and the guidelines set by:


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How to design safe and effective dance, sports & yoga classes for young children 101

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This prerequisite course provides an overview of all fundamentals of dance, sports and yoga basics for children as young as 2 ½ years old. Safety dos and don’ts are covered in detail. Its rip-roaring fun!

This course = 2 CEUs / Training hours

100 Poses – How to safely and effectively teach yoga to young children

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Ever witness a seasoned Yogi who works with adults and realize they cannot teach yoga to young children? We know why. This course provides the template for building great yoga classes that are, above all else – developmentally appropriate. The use of story themes, props, balancing challenges and individual abilities are presented, using a minimum of 100 yoga poses.

This course = 2 CEUs / Training hours

High Five – The Essentials of 6 popular sports fundamentals for young children

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Go me! Children as young as age 3, are eager to participate in team sports. And the parents are becoming an ever more encouraging force. Find out the proper lesson plan design and use of equipment in soccer, baseball, basketball, golf, lacrosse and football.

This course = 2 CEUs / Training hours

Dance choreography made simple.

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Ever wanted to WOW everyone at graduation and holiday events?You can teach children at age 3, choreographed dance ensembles. Learn how to: find the beat, principles of 32 count phrasing, and proper cuing. This step-by-step approach is easy to follow.

This course = 2 CEUs / Training hours

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